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Specialists in UV, CIPP, Hot and Steam lining for drains, sewers and culverts across the UK

Who are SWD Lining?

SWD Lining Ltd is a specialist provider of drain lining installation and technical services to the private and public sector. We are experts in Ambient Cure lining, UV Lining, Hot/Steam Cure and Top hatting. Through our partnership with SW Drainage Solutions, we can offer complimentary services such as Sewer Cleansing and Maintenance, Tankering, Jetting, Septic Tank Emptying, Pump Maintenance and Repair.

Why SWD Lining?

As experts in our field, we have built up an excellent reputation by delivering cost-effective lining solutions to projects ranging from residential dwellings to remote culverts for the rail and highways network. Our team is made up of dedicated industry professionals who go above and beyond to get the job done, on time and on cost.

Together with sister company SW Drainage Solutions Ltd we offer a complete service covering tankering, jetting, CCTV surveys, sewer cleaning and road sweeping. We can also offer traffic management and minor civil works as part of our extensive suite of services.

Our Core Services


Hot & Steam Cure


Our Mission & Vision

At SWD Lining, our mission is to provide exceptional drain lining solutions that safeguard the integrity of drainage infrastructures and enhance environmental sustainability. We are committed to delivering professional, innovative, and cost-effective services that exceed expectations while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, safety, and environmental responsibility.

Our company envisions revolutionising drain relining, ensuring a cleaner and more sustainable future. We strive to provide innovative, eco-friendly solutions that prolong the life of drainage systems, reduce environmental impact, and enhance overall infrastructure efficiency. Our vision is to become the industry leader in sustainable drain relining practices.

Our Solutions

SWD Lining Ltd is a specalist provider of drain and sewer lining installation services for private and public organisations. Our expertise lies in our people, a team of specialists with the knowledge and experinece to get the job done on time, with minimal disruption and the highest quality of workmanship.

Through our sister company SW Drainage Solutions Ltd, we offer complete drainage solutions from jetting and tankering to septic tank emptying and pump maintenance, enabling us to over a complete package of drainage services.

Our Accreditations & Approvals

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