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Ambient Cure Lining

Ambient Cure Lining

Ambient cure lining is a method used in the rehabilitation of underground pipelines, sewer lines, culverts and other conduits. This technology is commonly employed in the field of trenchless pipe repair and rehabilitation. The key characteristic of ambient cure lining is that it doesn’t require high-temperature curing processes, making it more convenient and cost-effective compared to methods that rely on high-temperature steam or hot water curing.

How does ambient cure lining work?


First, the damaged or deteriorated pipe is cleaned and inspected to ensure that it is suitable for rehabilitation. This is done by jetting, using high-pressure water to remove any blockage or debris. Once cleared an inspection will follow usually using CCTV that can pick up any imperfections and issues unseen by the naked eye.

Lining Material Application

A flexible lining material, often composed of resin or epoxy, is then impregnated into a flexible fabric tube or bladder.


The liner, typically in the form of an inverted tube or bladder is inserted into the existing pipe using specialised equipment. As it is pushed or pulled through the pipe it conforms to the shape of the host pipe or culvert.


Ambient Cure Lining cures at the temperature of the surrounding environment. Depending on the specific lining material used, curing can take place at room temperature or within a specific temperature range. This however can be extremely time-consuming and curing at the pace of the air temperature.

Final Inspection

Once the lining material has cured and hardened, the rehabilitated pipe is inspected to ensure that the new lining is smooth and fully sealed, effectively restoring the functionality of the pipeline.

Ambient cure lining is valued for its versatility and efficiency. It minimises the need for extensive excavation, reduces downtime, and is often considered a more environmentally friendly option due to the absence of high-temperature curing processes. This method is commonly used for rehabilitating sewer lines, stormwater drains, and other underground conduits, helping extend the lifespan of aging infrastructure while minimising disruptions to communities.

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