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UV Lining

UV Lining

Maintaining the integrity of drainage systems is crucial for the functionality and longevity of any infrastructure. One innovative method that has gained popularity in recent years is UV Lining. This technique offers numerous benefits and advantages when compared to traditional drain repair methods.

UV drain lining is a cutting-edge technique that offers numerous benefits for drain repair and maintenance. Its cost-effectiveness, minimal disruption, durability and environmental friendliness make it an attractive choice for property owners and businesses alike. By employing these techniques, you can extend the life of your drainage system and minimise the hassle of traditional repairs. If you’re facing drain issues, you should consider UV Lining as a modern, cost-effective and efficient solution.

Benefits of UV Drain Lining


UV drain lining is often more cost-effective than traditional methods because it minimises excavation and labour costs. This means less disruption to your property and reduced downtime.


UV drain lining creates a strong and durable lining within the existing pipe, enhancing its longevity and preventing further damage from occurring.

Minimal Disruption

Traditional drain repair methods can be messy and disruptive. UV drain lining minimises disruption as it doesn’t require extensive digging or excavation. This is particularly beneficial for businesses and homeowners who want to avoid disruptions to their daily routines.

Environmentally Friendly

UV drain lining reduces the need for pipe replacement, which can be resource-intensive and harmful to the environment. This method is more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Faster Repairs

UV drain lining is a relatively quick process and in many cases the repaired drain can be back in operation within hours. This significantly reduces the inconvenience for property and landowners.


UV drain lining can be used for various pipe materials, including PVC, cast iron and clay. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

How is UV Drain Lining done?

There are several key sets to ensure that UV drain lining is completed successfully and professionally. By following a strict installation method and safety protocols, UV lining can be installed quickly and effectively.

Inspection and Assessment

Before starting the UV drain lining process, a thorough inspection and assessment of the existing drain is carried out. This includes identifying any blockages, cracks or other issues that need to be addressed. This can be a visual inspection or in most cases a CCTV inspection where even the minutest imperfections can be picked up. A full report is given with the advised course of action.


Proper cleaning of the drain is essential to ensure that the liner adheres correctly. High-pressure water jetting or mechanical cleaning tools are used to remove debris and buildup from the interior of the pipe. Any excess can also be pumped out and disposed of safely.

Measurement and Preparation

Accurate measurements of the drain’s dimensions are taken to create a custom-fit liner. The liner, typically made of flexible resin-coated material, is then saturated with a special UV-sensitive resin.

Lining Insertion

The prepared liner is inserted into the damaged drain using specialised equipment. Once in place, it is inflated to fit tightly against the interior of the existing pipe.

UV Curing

The magic of UV drain lining lies in the curing process. Ultraviolet light is introduced into the liner, causing the resin to harden rapidly. This forms a seamless, durable, and watertight seal inside the drain.

Final Inspection

After the curing process is complete, a final inspection is carried out to ensure the repair is successful and the drain is free from defects.

UV cure was developed back in the 1990s and its popularity has grown rapidly over the years; it has a relatively quick cure time and a high strength characteristic (although there is no adhesion to the pipe, so it does not give a leak-tight finish). UV liners are also available in diameters up to 1600mm and above, so it is an incredibly useful curing method for larger-diameter liners.

The liner is pulled through the host pipe using a winch and UV lights are run through the pipe, prompting the liner to cure. As the UV bulbs are filament bulbs, they have a limited lifespan and will require replacing relatively regularly which can become costly. Caution should also be taken when using the UV curing method due to the heat that can be generated by the bulbs.

In general, there is a higher cost associated with UV cure than ambient, hot cure & steam. However hot and steam cure processes are time-consuming to set up, a large team is required to complete the installation, there is a very large plant footprint, and larger compressors and generators are required. UV Cure also does not allow for any blind shot installations or installations with bends

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