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Temporary Dams

Temporary Dams

Temporary dams, play a crucial role in managing and controlling water flow within drains and gullies. These temporary structures are often used in construction and maintenance projects to create a dry or controlled work environment, facilitating safe and efficient work in and around drainage systems.

Primarily temporary dams help maintain the integrity of the drain relining procedure by preventing the resin from flowing into unaffected sections of the pipe. This ensures that the liner adheres precisely to the intended area, enhancing the overall quality and longevity of the repair. It also significantly minimises the potential for resin contamination in the surrounding environment.

Maintenance and Repair

Temporary dams are deployed to isolate the work area from the flow of water. This makes it easier for workers to access and repair pipes, culverts, and other components without having to work in wet or hazardous conditions.

Environmental Protection

Temporary dams are also used to contain and control pollutants and debris within drains and gullies. This is essential for preventing contaminants from entering natural water bodies, preserving water quality and ecosystems.

Flood Prevention

Temporary dams act as a barrier to prevent water from inundating work areas, especially during heavy rainfall or flooding events. This helps protect workers and equipment, ensuring projects can proceed without delays caused by adverse weather conditions.

Environmental Protection:

Safety: By isolating the work area with temporary dams, the risk of accidents and injuries is reduced. Workers can focus on the repair process without the added concern of interference from external elements.

Precise Targeting: Drain relining can often be a very precise operation, addressing specific sections of a pipe network. Temporary dams allow for the accurate targeting of repair areas, ensuring that only the necessary segments of the system are affected.

Minimised Downtime: Temporary dams enable drain relining services to be completed efficiently. Since only selected portions of the drainage system are taken offline, overall downtime for the entire system is minimised. This is especially crucial in commercial and industrial settings where downtime can result in significant financial losses.

Versatility: Temporary dam systems are versatile and adaptable to different project requirements. They can be customised to fit various streams, gulleys and pipes, making them suitable for a wide range of drainage rehabilitation projects.

Cost Savings: By isolating the work area and optimizing the efficiency of the drain relining process, temporary dams contribute to cost savings in terms of labor, material usage, and project timeframes.

SWD can provide a variety of temporary dam solutions.

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